Rope Wall

Spiritual Growth & Development

Spiritual Growth & Development 612 366 Emily Glaeser

In this class we will discuss the core of Spiritual Growth and Development along all paths. Guidance on deepening your spiritual connection, personal growth and expansion, and tools for personal practice. A group Collective Energy Reading and Shared Channeled messages will be offered by Oracle Eleni, including a guided meditation practice/fusion with breathwork and sound healing as well as smudging and energy clearing. Great for all levels of practitioners, teachers, and anyone seeking to connect deeper on their healing path and spiritual journey.

Healing with Yoga/Fusion Flow

Healing with Yoga/Fusion Flow 2000 1194 Emily Glaeser
This full body, fusion workout goes back to the basics: building core strength and stability, using breathwork and meditation with a fusion of yoga movement and repetitious flow as a strength training yoga workout. Great for deepening your flexibility, toning, building core strength, and overall balance of Mind, Body & Spirit. Disabilities are welcomed, lower sciatica stretching/scoliosis, spinal fusions and any type of immobility, as well as all advanced level yogis who enjoy a grounding core level, yoga flow-workout.

Yoga with Floating Meditation

Yoga with Floating Meditation 2560 1707 Emily Glaeser

This Hatha Yoga class centers around using the mind-body connection to deepen your practice, heal your physical and mental space, and ground you for the rest of your day. This 1 hour and 15 minute class will challenge you to hold postures for longer and really meditate within them. Bringing you more inner serenity, strength, and flexibility. The last 15 minutes will be focused on pranayama and meditation with the option to float in the aerial hammock.

Aerial Playtime

Fit and Flexy

Fit and Flexy 2500 1452 Emily Glaeser
In this class we stretch, move, and strengthen the body from head-to-toe. Developing the key steps to improving your splits and strengthening your key aerial muscles. As well as engaging your core to help improve form and posture. Let’s improve our body and mobility together!

Mixed Level Yoga Flow

Mixed Level Yoga Flow 2000 1333 Emily Glaeser
Expect to stretch and move building both strength and flexibility in this mixed-level Hatha flow. Focusing on proper alignment, specific cueing, and filled with creative sequences, this class will be a fun opportunity to grow your practice! All levels welcome.

Feel Good Yoga Wall

Feel Good Yoga Wall 2500 1667 Emily Glaeser

The Great Yoga Wall supports your body, allowing you to experience traditional yoga poses in a whole new way. You’ll build strength, create length and space in your body, while gaining awareness in each pose. Using the yoga wall, along with its various attachments (adjustable straps, swings, and bars) offers unique support and traction in the body that you just have to experience for yourself. You’ll leave feeling better than when you walked in the door!