Pole Fitness

Intermediate Pole

Intermediate Pole 2560 1707 Emily Glaeser
In this class you will be introduced to inversions and climbing as well as combo spins. The focus will be on strength training building strength to go upside down and learning proper technique for inversions. Shorts are required.


Chair-o-graphy 652 652 Emily Glaeser

In this class students will learn a short – trick based exotic chair routine that will challenge their musicality, balance, and control on and off the chair. Get ready for fun, challenging tricks and floor work with options for ranging levels! Heels are welcomed – but optional. Leggings and/or knee pads are strongly recommended.

Sexy Low Flow

Sexy Low Flow 2400 1601 Emily Glaeser

In this class students will explore dance around the pole and on the floor. Each week we will learn a short,  intermediate level routine that celebrates sensual movement with heel clacks, floor work, and the occasional trick! Get ready to embrace your inner sexy! Heels are welcomed – but optional! Shorts recommended – knee pads or leggings may be needed for floor work.

Pole Skills

Pole Skills 2500 1667 Emily Glaeser

This class is for students who have taken Pole Fundamentals and are ready to move on to the next level. Instructor approval is required.

Pole Transitions

Pole Transitions 2500 1667 Emily Glaeser

You’ve learned some spins and poses, but now what? In this class, we will focus on connecting these pieces together in order to develop our own unique brand of movement, and choreography skills.

Pole Conditioning

Pole Conditioning 2560 1707 Emily Glaeser

Build up your strength and learn proper pole specific muscle engagement in this All Level conditioning class. Attire: Shorts and tank top.

Pole Fundamentals

Pole Fundamentals 2000 1333 IanPullens

Strength and Flexibility. Learn basic spins, combo spins, dance moves, and tricks with focus on perfecting your skills and technique.  You will learn how to concentrate on engaging specific muscles in your upper body and core, all while finding your inner confidence. Tricks and transitions will be incorporated into each class, so you can add extra flare to your spins.