Pole Fitness

Pole Tricks and Combinations

Pole Tricks and Combinations 2500 1667 Emily Glaeser
This class will explore more challenging moves including pole handstands, inside and outside leg hands, and hand balances. We will also work on combining moves and shapes into sequences. Now that you have a solid climb and a basic invert from the floor, this class will help you master power spins and improve inversions (grounded and aerially).
Prerequisite: Pole Foundations, inversions, and climbing (aka Klimbing with Kat) workshops. Please visit the Events tab for workshop dates/times and to sign up.

Spin Pole

Spin Pole 2500 1667 Emily Glaeser
This class teaches you moves on the spinning pole. You will learn to control the spin, create fluidity, and hold shapes. You must have a solid climb to attend this class. Prerequisite: Pole Foundations.


Pole-o-graphy 2500 1667 Emily Glaeser

Pole-o-graphy is choreography for pole! This intermediate level class will get your body moving with longer dance sequences that incorporate the floor and pole. Pole-o-graphy focuses less on individual moves/tricks, and more on being able to perform the movements together. It is recommended that students feel comfortable moving around the pole, and have had an introduction to basic inverts. Prerequisite: Pole Foundations.

Pole Foundations

Pole Foundations 2500 1667 Emily Glaeser

For new students who have never taken pole and students just beginning their pole journey. This class is for you! Students will learn the basics of pole, proper technique and queuing, and safety practices for spins and transitions on the pole. You will leave this class confident and a solid foundation built for success.

Note: This workshop is a prerequisite to all pole fitness classes. Please reach out to us if you have any questions.

Klimbing with Kat

Klimbing with Kat 2560 1707 Emily Glaeser

In this workshop we will go over how to safely climb up and down the pole using proper technique and form. Climbing is a full body workout and is an essential skill to be successful moving forward in your pole journey. Prerequisite: This workshop is for students who have already taken our Pole Spins & Transitions class and are ready to move on to the next level. Please visit the Events tab for Klimbing with Kat workshop dates/times and to sign up.

Pole Spins & Transitions

Pole Spins & Transitions 2500 1667 Emily Glaeser

Strength and Flexibility. Learn basic spins, combo spins, dance moves, and tricks with focus on perfecting your skills and technique. You will learn how to concentrate on engaging specific muscles in your upper body and core, all while finding your inner confidence. Tricks and transitions will be incorporated into each class, so you can add extra flare to your spins. Prerequisite: You must attend one of our Pole Foundations workshops. Please visit the Events tab for workshop dates/times and to sign up.

Pole Play/Practice

Pole Play/Practice 2500 1667 Emily Glaeser

The pole room will be open to students to practice spins and inversions freely. An instructor will be present for spotting and use of equipment.

Prerequisite: Pole Foundations workshop. Please visit the Events tab for workshop dates/times and to sign up.

Pole Skills

Pole Skills 2500 1667 Emily Glaeser

This class is for students who have taken Pole Spins & Transitions and a Klimbing with Kat workshop and are ready to move on to the next level. Instructor approval is required.

Pole Strength & Tone

Pole Strength & Tone 2560 1707 Emily Glaeser

Build up your strength and learn proper pole specific muscle engagement in this All Level conditioning class. Prerequisite: Pole Foundations workshop.  Please visit the Events tab for workshop dates/times and to sign up.

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