Playing with Props

Playing with Props

Playing with Props 2500 1667 Emily Glaeser

In this class we will build strength, flexibility, and body awareness by using different yoga props (i.e. blocks, blankets, aerial yoga hammock, rope wall). By using these different props students are able to experience one pose differently in their body.

Slow Flow Spanish

Slow Flow Spanish 2000 1333 IanPullens

Spanish spoken class. Flexibility, Balance, and Strength. This Hatha flow class links movement with pranayama (breath) and moves at a slower pace. The poses range from gentle to challenging; each pose is done with a stable, grounded energy with a focus on safe alignment. Repetition of movement helps the student become more in tune with the internal rhythms of their body.

Flow and Yin

Flow and Yin 2000 1333 IanPullens

Flexibility, Balance, and Strength/Stretch Therapy. The first portion of your class combines breath and movement to prepare the body for a passive Yin style ending to your class that holds poses for several minutes at a time.