Aerial Arts

Aerial Playtime

Fit and Flexy

Fit and Flexy 2500 1452 Emily Glaeser
In this class we stretch, move, and strengthen the body from head-to-toe. Developing the key steps to improving your splits and strengthening your key aerial muscles. As well as engaging your core to help improve form and posture. Let’s improve our body and mobility together!

Lyra Level 2

Lyra Level 2 2500 1683 Emily Glaeser
Now that you know some shapes on the lyra…. now what??!?! In this class we will explore how to craft transitions and explore pathways on the hoop. We will explore options in and out of popular lyra shapes as well as modifications and variations to spice up any sequence. Comfort inverting from the bottom of the hoop to the top encouraged.  Prerequisite: Lyra Foundations, Lyra Level 1, Lyra Level 1 / 2, and teacher’s approval.

Lyra Level 1 / 2

Lyra Level 1 / 2 2500 1683 Emily Glaeser

From aerialists looking to polish their lyra skills or beginners curious of what it’s like to make shapes in the air. This class introduces intermediate lyra concepts and top bar while being accessible for a newer student. Prerequisite: Lyra Foundations and Lyra Level 1.

Lyra Level 1

Lyra Level 1 2500 1683 Emily Glaeser

After you’ve completed your Lyra Foundations continue on with Lyra Level 1. Each class consists of a warm up, strength/conditioning, and shapes/moves on the bottom bar. Then students have the opportunity to see how these shapes and transitions start to create a flow. Each class ends with a cool down. Prerequisite: Lyra Foundations. Please visit the Events tab for workshop dates/times and to sign up.

Family Aerial - Kids and Parents

Aerial Youth (Ages 11+)

Aerial Youth (Ages 11+) 2296 1275 Emily Glaeser
Aerial arts is the ideal outlet for kids. Students gain strength, flexibility, and confidence while having the best time. Our classes are filled with creativity and laughter. It’s the perfect environment to find better body awareness and an encouraging community to become your best self. This class is an excellent opportunity for aerial dance students to also gain extra practice.

Hammock Flips, Tricks, and Transitions Level 2

Hammock Flips, Tricks, and Transitions Level 2 2766 1556 Emily Glaeser
You’ll learn intermediate flips, tricks, drops, and transitions all as you build your confidence, strength, flexibility, and balance.
Prerequisite: You must attend our Aerial Arts Foundations classes and Hammock Flips, Tricks, and Transitions Level 1 to attend this class.

Aerial Arts Hammock Foundations

Aerial Arts Hammock Foundations 2000 1333 Emily Glaeser

For new students who are just starting their Aerial Arts journey this series is for you! Students will learn the beginning foundations of Aerial Arts (Hang 101, Climb & Press 102, Wraps 103 and Flips 104) over the course of 4 weeks. You will leave this series feeling confident and have a solid foundation to attend our weekly Aerial Arts classes (i.e. Hammock Flips, Tricks, and Transitions Level 1) or Beginner Aerial Dance. Sign up via the schedule to attend

Prerequisites: These Aerial Arts Foundations Classes are meant to be taken in order (e.g. 101, 102, 103, 104) to build on what was learned in the previous class. You must complete 101 before moving to 102 and so on.

Aerial Kids (ages 6-10)

Youth Aerial Dance

Youth Aerial Dance 2296 1275 Emily Glaeser

Students learn how different aerial moves and tricks link together to create a dance routine. Our Aerial Dance classes are offered as an eight week workshop series that end with a performance for family and friends on the ninth week. Students must have prior aerial experience or have attended a Kids Aerial Foundations workshop. Youth Aerial Dance is offered for two age groups: ages 6 to 10 and for ages 11+. You can see which series are being offered by viewing the workshops listed on our Events page.



Lyra Foundations

Lyra Foundations 2500 1683 Emily Glaeser

You’ve seen beautiful performances and cool tricks on the Lyra, but you don’t even know yet how to get yourself up there? You think you are not strong enough, your hands get tired way before the class ends and have no idea where to even start? Start here with a Lyra Foundations workshop. You will learn easy and graceful ways to get onto the Lyra, beginner-friendly poses, transitions and shapes, low flow on the bottom of the Lyra, and aerial-specific safety and conditioning techniques and drills. Please visit the Events tab for workshop dates/times and to sign up.

Please note, Lyra Foundations is the prerequisite to attending other lyra classes on the schedule.

Aerial Playtime – Open Gym

Aerial Playtime – Open Gym 2000 1390 Emily Glaeser
Come practice anything you’ve been working on (lyra or hammock) or just lay in a hammock! This is an adults only class.
*Please note, no new shapes and movements; and no students teaching other students. This is purely a time and space to practice what you already know.