Aerial Arts

Lyra Fundamentals

Lyra Fundamentals 2500 1683 Emily Glaeser

You’ve seen beautiful performances and cool tricks on the Lyra, but you don’t even know yet how to get yourself up there? You think you are not strong enough, your hands get tired way before the class ends and have no idea where to even start? Start here with Lyra Fundamentals led by professional performer and coach Tonya Letunovskaya. You will learn easy and graceful ways to get onto the Lyra, beginner-friendly poses, transitions and shapes, low flow on the bottom of the Lyra, and aerial-specific safety and conditioning techniques and drills.

Aerial Spinners

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In the first half of class students will learn how to feel comfortable and controlled when working with a spinner, as well as different types of spins. During the second half of class students will learn a short sequence of choreography that will teach them how to adapt familiar poses, drops, and tricks onto a spinner.
A spinner is a piece of equipment that you attach to the top of an aerial hammock to make it spin/rotate – because of this spinning you may get dizzy or motion sick while practicing. If you are someone prone to motion sickness you may want to take Dramamine before class!
Prerequisite note: You will need to complete an aerial arts fundamentals workshop as well as an Intro to Flips and Tricks class to participate.

Aerial Arts Fundamentals

Aerial Arts Fundamentals 2000 855 Emily Glaeser

If you are brand new to aerial arts this workshop is the start of your journey! We will introduce you to some of the basics to help you develop proper technique for safe acrobatic movements including wrist wraps, ankle wraps, inversions, and climbs – preparing you for the other aerial arts classes on the schedule.

Please note: If you are interested in aerial arts you must take an Aerial Yoga Fundamentals workshop and get approval from a teacher before taking an Aerial Arts Fundamentals workshop. Once you have completed both workshops you may continue on to our aerial arts classes (Intro to Flips & Tricks, Aerial Transitions, Aerial Dance, Aerial Tricks, Lyra Fundamentals).

Aerial Playtime

Aerial Transitions

Aerial Transitions 2500 1452 Emily Glaeser

Learn to use the aerial silk to create beautiful shapes and clean inversions from yoga and circus inspired poses to choreographed sequencing. Each class starts with a warmup emphasizing strength, flexibility, stability & alignment and will continue by tying flips, drops, and elements of choreography with the hammock together. Appropriate for students looking to increase strength, endurance, and performance presence. Prerequisite: This class is for the seasoned aerial artist. You must attend an Intro to Flips & Tricks class and be approved by the teacher before attending.

Intro to Aerial Flips and Tricks

Intro to Aerial Flips and Tricks 2000 1333 Emily Glaeser

Learn the foundations of aerial trick technique. You’ll learn basic flips, tricks, drops, and transitions all as you build your confidence, strength, flexibility, and balance. Prerequisite: You must attend one of our Aerial Fundamentals workshops and be approved by the teacher to attend this class.