Securely suspended in a hammock that lets you control how deep and far you want to go while gliding, you’ll merge asanas and breath for an experience that’s as exhilarating as it is empowering. From poses that improve alignment to supportive stretches that decompress your spine, Aerial Yoga takes a dynamic and safe approach to building strength, flexibility, balance, and stability.

Aerial Yoga Fundamentals

Beginner Only
If you are brand new to aerial yoga or would like to take any of our Aerial Core, Aerial Flow, or aerial arts classes this workshop is for you! We will cover the basics including terminology, learning to breathe with your yoga postures, wrist wraps, hammock placement to support good alignment, inversions, and safety practices. You will leave feeling confident and ready for classes on our weekly schedule.

Aerial Core

Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced
Strength and Conditioning. Build your core strength, increase your stability and balance, along with flexibility. This aerial strength and conditioning class, includes repetitions, athletic sequencing, transitions, and tricks. OK if you are active and comfortable with planks.

Aerial Core/Flow

Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced
Build heat and strength through repetition of flow sequences. This class will warm you up then cool you down at the end. You will feel a lot was accomplished in a short amount of time, and you are ready to move on with your day.

Aerial Gentle

Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced
Stretch Therapy. This class can be enjoyed by both the leisurely yogi and the super athlete. Our most gentle format incorporates longer, slow stretching, pranayama (breathing techniques), and self-massage with hammocks, blocks and balls. Unwind, unravel and empower the body gently.

Aerial Strength & Tone

Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced
Build your core strength, improve your posture, increase your stability and balance, along with flexibility. Aerial Strength and Tone uses the hammock at a low setting to create isometric movements and engage differently than you do in a Core class.  Please note that light weights and resistance bands may be used. This class is perfect for anyone who doesn’t like to invert and is welcome to all levels of experience!

Aerial Flow

Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced
A flow class, this class links movement with pranayama (breath), and moves at a steady pace. Be prepared to learn yoga poses incorporating the hammocks and transitions connecting one pose to the next. No inversion experience needed!

Aerial Deep Stretch and Restore

Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced
Stretch and Reset. Take a pause from your busy life and enjoy stillness. This class takes meditation along with passive restorative poses and merges them in aerial stillness. You will leave feeling balanced, centered, and refreshed.

Aerial Yoga Community Karma Class

Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced
Support our aerial yoga level 1 trainees on their teaching journey!

These classes will be taught by one of our trainees with the assistance of a FBS teacher. This helps give the trainees real world experience and feedback to improve along the way.

Use the hammock to perform flips, tricks, and dance routines.  Aerial arts is an experience that’s as exhilarating as it is empowering. If you’re a first-timer or an expert of the practice, you’ll unleash the confidence and tenacity to do things you didn’t realize were possible.

Aerial Arts Fundamentals

Intermediate Only
If you are brand new to aerial arts this workshop is the start of your journey! We will introduce you to some of the basics to help you develop proper technique for safe acrobatic movements including wrist wraps, ankle wraps, inversions, and climbs – preparing you for the other aerial arts classes on the schedule.

Please note: If you are interested in aerial arts you must take an Aerial Yoga Fundamentals workshop and get approval from a teacher before taking an Aerial Arts Fundamentals workshop. Once you have completed both workshops you may continue on to our aerial arts classes (Intro to Flips & Tricks, Aerial Transitions, Aerial Dance, Aerial Tricks, Lyra Fundamentals).

Lyra Fundamentals

Intermediate Only
You’ve seen beautiful performances and cool tricks on the Lyra, but you don’t even know yet how to get yourself up there? You think you are not strong enough, your hands get tired way before the class ends and have no idea where to even start? Start here with Lyra Fundamentals led by professional performer and coach Tonya Letunovskaya. You will learn easy and graceful ways to get onto the Lyra, beginner-friendly poses, transitions and shapes, low flow on the bottom of the Lyra, and aerial-specific safety and conditioning techniques and drills.

Intro to Aerial Flips and Tricks

Intermediate & Advanced
Learn the foundations of aerial trick technique. You’ll learn basic flips, tricks, drops, and transitions all as you build your confidence, strength, flexibility, and balance. Prerequisite: You must attend one of our Aerial Fundamentals workshops and be approved by the teacher to attend this class.

Aerial Spinners

Intermediate & Advanced
In the first half of class students will learn how to feel comfortable and controlled when working with a spinner, as well as different types of spins. During the second half of class students will learn a short sequence of choreography that will teach them how to adapt familiar poses, drops, and tricks onto a spinner.
A spinner is a piece of equipment that you attach to the top of an aerial hammock to make it spin/rotate – because of this spinning you may get dizzy or motion sick while practicing. If you are someone prone to motion sickness you may want to take Dramamine before class!
Prerequisite note: You will need to complete an aerial arts fundamentals workshop as well as an Intro to Flips and Tricks class to participate.
Aerial Playtime

Aerial Transitions

Advanced Only
Learn to use the aerial silk to create beautiful shapes and clean inversions from yoga and circus inspired poses to choreographed sequencing. Each class starts with a warmup emphasizing strength, flexibility, stability & alignment and will continue by tying flips, drops, and elements of choreography with the hammock together. Appropriate for students looking to increase strength, endurance, and performance presence. Prerequisite: This class is for the seasoned aerial artist. You must attend an Intro to Flips & Tricks class and be approved by the teacher before attending.

Aerial yoga/aerial arts is an invigorating outlet for curious young minds. Using an age-appropriate balance of energizing activity and calming techniques, our kids classes help students build strength, flexibility, focus, and confidence in a safe environment. We pay special attention to fun, infusing every moment with creativity and laughter. It’s the perfect environment for a young person to develop better body awareness and find support from an encouraging community.

Classes are offered for kids ages 6 to 10 and 11 and older no previous yoga experience necessary!

Aerial Kids (ages 11+)

Aerial Kids Fundamentals

Beginner & Intermediate
This workshop is for our aerial students aged 6 to 12 years old who are just starting out with aerial yoga. We will introduce (or remind) students how to properly and safely use the aerial hammock to get their practice going! We will go over basic wraps, hangs and shapes, preparing them for other classes on the schedule.


Be sure to check out our Events section to learn about special kids aerial workshops.
Aerial Kids (ages 6-10)

Aerial Kids (Ages 6-11+)

Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced
Aerial yoga is the ideal outlet for kids. Students gain strength, flexibility, and confidence while having the best time. Our classes are filled with creativity and laughter. It’s the perfect environment to find better body awareness and an encouraging community to become your best self.

For children 6-10 a parent or caregiver needs to be there for first class (to observe). All levels welcome!

Be sure to check out our Events section to learn about special kids aerial workshops.

Aerial Kids Flips and Tricks (ages 11+)

Little Tricksters

Intermediate & Advanced
Does your child have a background in body movement/gymnastics? Have they been practicing aerial and are ready to push past the aerial “kisses” (aka bruises) and level up? Then this is just the class for them! In this class students will learn more advanced skills, flips, tricks, and aerialist conditioning techniques! Prerequisite: Students must take a skills test to enter.


Be sure to check out our Events section to learn about special kids aerial workshops.

By grounding the body you’ll lift your body and refresh your mind! Our wide variety of mat classes offer styles appropriate for beginner through advanced students.

The Self Care Class

Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced
In this class we will make time to do the self care regimens we know are good for us such as self massage, gentle stretching, breathwork and meditation, and all things self-care related.

Peakpose Breakdown

Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced
If you’re working on arm balances, inversions, and some of these more challenging poses – this class is for you! Each class we will have a peak pose that we are working toward using props and proper alignment to support you in your journey.

Buddha Barre Sculpt

Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced
Chisel, lengthen, and tone. Chelsie’s signature Barre Sculpt class will shape and tone your body using bands and light weights. Short bursts of cardio are infused throughout to keep your muscles warm and your metabolism stoked. You will leave feeling strong and empowered!

Note: Please bring a yoga mat and a resistance band to this class. Buddha bands are available for purchase at the studio if you do not have one.

Buddha Barre Fuzion

Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced
Train like a dancer. This innovative Dance Barre class is a fusion of dance conditioning ballet barre techniques and movements inspired by modern and contemporary jazz styles. Find presence and get grounded as your body glides through space in our beautiful studio. Just dance!

Note: Please bring a yoga mat to this class.

Buddha Band Yoga

Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced
This Hatha practice focuses on flexibility and balance, with an emphasis on strength; incorporating resistance bands into the practice. You can follow movements without resistance bands, bring your own, or get a Buddha Band Kit at the studio. We link movement with pranayama (breath) and move at a slower pace. The poses range from gentle to challenging; each pose is done with a stable, grounded energy with a focus on safe alignment. Repetition of movement helps the student become more in tune with the internal rhythms of their body.

Strengthen your body, turn up the heat aerobically, and build your confidence with this total body workout!

Pole Fundamentals

Beginner & Intermediate
Strength and Flexibility. Learn basic spins, combo spins, dance moves, and tricks with focus on perfecting your skills and technique.  You will learn how to concentrate on engaging specific muscles in your upper body and core, all while finding your inner confidence. Tricks and transitions will be incorporated into each class, so you can add extra flare to your spins.

Pole Conditioning

Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced
Build up your strength and learn proper pole specific muscle engagement in this All Level conditioning class. Attire: Shorts and tank top.

Pole Transitions

Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced
You’ve learned some spins and poses, but now what? In this class, we will focus on connecting these pieces together in order to develop our own unique brand of movement, and choreography skills.

Pole Skills

Intermediate Only
This class is for students who have taken Pole Fundamentals and are ready to move on to the next level. Instructor approval is required.

Sexy Low Flow

Intermediate & Advanced
In this class students will explore dance around the pole and on the floor. Each week we will learn a short,  intermediate level routine that celebrates sensual movement with heel clacks, floor work, and the occasional trick! Get ready to embrace your inner sexy! Heels are welcomed – but optional! Shorts recommended – knee pads or leggings may be needed for floor work.


Intermediate & Advanced
In this class students will learn a short – trick based exotic chair routine that will challenge their musicality, balance, and control on and off the chair. Get ready for fun, challenging tricks and floor work with options for ranging levels! Heels are welcomed – but optional. Leggings and/or knee pads are strongly recommended.

The Great Yoga Wall supports your body, allowing you to experience traditional yoga poses in a whole new way. You’ll build strength, create length and space in your body, while gaining awareness in each pose. Using the yoga wall, along with its various attachments (adjustable straps, swings, and bars) offers unique support and traction in the body that you just have to experience for yourself!

Feel Good Yoga Wall

Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced
The Great Yoga Wall supports your body, allowing you to experience traditional yoga poses in a whole new way. You’ll build strength, create length and space in your body, while gaining awareness in each pose. Using the yoga wall, along with its various attachments (adjustable straps, swings, and bars) offers unique support and traction in the body that you just have to experience for yourself. You’ll leave feeling better than when you walked in the door!


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