I’m new to aerial yoga. Where do I start?

I’m new to aerial yoga. Where do I start?

I’m new to aerial yoga. Where do I start? 150 150 Emily Glaeser

If you are brand new to aerial yoga you must start with an Aerial Yoga Foundations workshop or by scheduling a private class. This is for your safety and comfort level when you attend other classes on the schedule. You will then be familiar using the aerial hammock as a yoga prop; including terminology, wrist wraps, hammock placement, inversions, and safety practices. Please visit the “Events” tab for Aerial Yoga Foundations workshop dates/times and to sign up.

Classes such as Aerial Yoga Gentle and Aerial Yoga Strength and Tone are at a slower pace or the hammock is at a lower setting—an Aerial Yoga Foundations workshop is not required for these classes but still suggested. However, if you’d like to attend an Aerial Yoga Flow, Aerial Yoga Core, or Aerial Yoga Core/Flow classes you are required to take the Aerial Yoga Foundations workshop.

Once you have completed the Aerial Yoga Foundations workshop you will have access to all the classes on the schedule.

Please email us if our workshop days/times are not possible with your schedule so that we can make arrangements for you.