Mat Yoga

Buddha Barre Fuzion

Buddha Barre Fuzion 2560 1828 Emily Glaeser

Train like a dancer. This innovative Dance Barre class is a fusion of dance conditioning ballet barre techniques and movements inspired by modern and contemporary jazz styles. Find presence and get grounded as your body glides through space in our beautiful studio. Just dance!

Note: Please bring a yoga mat to this class.

Buddha Barre Sculpt

Buddha Barre Sculpt 2560 1707 Emily Glaeser

Chisel, lengthen, and tone. Chelsie’s signature Barre Sculpt class will shape and tone your body using bands and light weights. Short bursts of cardio are infused throughout to keep your muscles warm and your metabolism stoked. You will leave feeling strong and empowered!

Note: Please bring a yoga mat and a resistance band to this class. Buddha bands are available for purchase at the studio if you do not have one.

Peakpose Breakdown

Peakpose Breakdown 2000 1333 Emily Glaeser

If you’re working on arm balances, inversions, and some of these more challenging poses – this class is for you! Each class we will have a peak pose that we are working toward using props and proper alignment to support you in your journey.

The Self Care Class

The Self Care Class 2000 1333 Emily Glaeser

In this class we will make time to do the self care regimens we know are good for us such as self massage, gentle stretching, breathwork and meditation, and all things self-care related.

Buddha Band Yoga

Buddha Band Yoga 2560 1591 Emily Glaeser

This Hatha practice focuses on flexibility and balance, with an emphasis on strength; incorporating resistance bands into the practice. You can follow movements without resistance bands, bring your own, or get a Buddha Band Kit at the studio. We link movement with pranayama (breath) and move at a slower pace. The poses range from gentle to challenging; each pose is done with a stable, grounded energy with a focus on safe alignment. Repetition of movement helps the student become more in tune with the internal rhythms of their body.