Kid's Aerial

Aerial Kids (ages 6-10)

Kids & Tweens Aerial Dance

Kids & Tweens Aerial Dance 2296 1275 Emily Glaeser

Students learn how different aerial moves and tricks link together to create a dance routine; how to dance with the aerial hammock; and how to add in musicality and performance elements to the routine. Our Aerial Dance classes are offered as a six week workshop series that end with a performance for family and friends on the seventh week. Students must have prior aerial experience. Kids Aerial Dance is for ages 5 to 10, Tweens Aerial Dance is for ages 11+. You can see which series are being offered by viewing the workshops listed on our Events page.



Aerial Kids (ages 11+)

Aerial Kids (Ages 6-11+)

Aerial Kids (Ages 6-11+) 2296 1275 Emily Glaeser

Aerial yoga is the ideal outlet for kids. Students gain strength, flexibility, and confidence while having the best time. Our classes are filled with creativity and laughter. It’s the perfect environment to find better body awareness and an encouraging community to become your best self.

For children 6-10 a parent or caregiver needs to be there for first class (to observe). All levels welcome!

Be sure to check out our Events section to learn about special kids aerial workshops.